A researcher descends in a suspected meteorite impact crater...​​​​​
"Every Object tells a Story" is the result of Frippery's Artist in Residency
at the Natural History and Ethnology Museum in Oudenbosch. 
During the summer of 2018, Frippery held the keys to the museum,
taking visitors with her on a fantastical journey

to see the collection through a different pair of eyes. 
Like a true treasure hunter, I dove into archives, showcases and depots of NVM Oudenbosch, 
finding miraculous facts and objects. I combined these data in an imaginative story. 
"The museum holds an encyclopedic collection, which explains the world around us.
But what happens if you only know the world trough the objects in the museum?" 
This idea was the motivation for a voyage of discovery in which nothing is what it seems.
I made twelve illustrations about various objects I found intruguing.
I fantasized about what animals might have looked like with muscles, organs and skin. 
Loose duck feet became organisms in their own right. 
Sometimes the object itself was the catalyst of my fantasy, 
sometimes the way it was presented. 
The colours are based of objects in my own cabinet of curiosity.
Keeping with the theme of
"discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary",
I picked colours which only seem unnatural. . 
I designed and handbound an artbook, containing all illustrations and an overarching adventure story. 

It's a - limited - edition of twenty-five prints, with a lasercutted and handpainted cover.

There are still some copies available!  

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