A unique bundling containing different discoverable little universes. 

Creating a Monster
​​​​​​​Recapitulation of a visual research about where (stories of) strange creatures originate. 
Unintentional or deliberately. The book is a handbound unica.
I got inspired by medieval drawings of elephants and hoaxes like the Loch Ness Monster.
New Earth

Creating new worlds with a picture book and associative materials.

Feeling Blue//MareIt
A fashion design book, containing inspirations, fabric experiments and design ideas.
The book is inspired by the mourning culture in the Dutch city of Marken. 
Blue, the symbolic colour of mourning, became the main colour of the collection. 
The traditional way of mending clothing by needlework is used in the textile designs.

A design book for an executed look. 
It shows the process, colour chart, fabric experiments and form research.
The book is handmade and similar to the outfit: all-white and transparent.

Other Adventures

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